How does it work

You don’t pay until you are completely satisfied with your new mix!

First come your imagination and feelings – the music style and how it changes.

Competitive mix has its strict rules. Find out the precise format you need. The length is very important. Find out how long it has to be, for example 1 minute and 15 seconds plus tolerance. Decide what tempo you would like = BPM – beats per minute. The higher BPM tempo the faster the song the harder the exercise.

Choose a song (one or more) that you want in the mix and find their exact title (song name and singer/band). You can use YouTube or any other streaming service to help you. Once you have everything prepared fill the “New mix” form.

Within seven days you will receive a sample of your mix; if you would like to make any changes to it, just let us know via e-mail (more effects, removal of a certain part, etc…) You will receive the mix in mp3 format. Two mix versions – BPM tempos – are included in the price (usually the slower one is used for training) The mix sample will be in the fastest tempo from your order and will include a beeping sound, which will be removed once you pay. Additional speeds cost $5 each, if there is no need to change the mix.

After you hear your mix and are completely satisfied you will pay us!


Question: Copyright is not a music reseller, we only edit the audio files you send to us. When the audio files are played publicly the organizer is responsible for upholding the copyrights, so you have to provide them with the exact names of the songs which are used in your mix!

Question: What will I get?

Professional mix tailored to your exact taste - everything is preceded by detailed discussion and continuous communication with the choreographer. You will go over each and every part of  the mix, the overall sound and the tempo. The mix is of professional quality and it includes effects and beats of your choice. The mix will be original and nobody else in the world will have the same!

Question: What if...

Music is very subjective and is unique to every ear, thus you might not like your mix even after several changes or your idea about the mix might not be correctly understood by us. If you haven’t paid yet, you can cancel your order hassell-free. Same applies to us, we can refuse to do your mix due to myriad of circumstances. You pay only when you get exactly the mix you wished for!